1. la-la-la-luna-deactivated201107 said: Do you send a crane? Or is it multiple hanging cranes like the one in the image? What is your purpose for sending cranes? :)

    I send a single crane: the purpose is to have tangible evidence of kindness shown to you so that it may stay with you and inspire you for as long as is needed.

  2. Anonymous said: i just wanted to ask..are you really giving out the crane if i send you my address no matter how far it is?

    As long as you give the full address, I will send the crane :) A few have gotten sent back because the addresses weren’t complete, so make sure that they are as full and complete as they can be when you enter them.

  3. Anonymous said: I definitely got my crane in the mail today :) Thank you so much for sending it! It was the perfect amount of inspiration to brighten my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll be sending one on to someone else asap!

    Yay!! That’s fantastic, let me know how that goes :)

  4. Want one? Let me know :)